Harley Truck Limo

Harley Davidson Truck Limo Service

Whether you’re taking your family to the Indy Motor Speedway, your buddies to a Hoosiers game, or your friends on a brewery tour of Downtown Indy and Broad Ripple, you’ll have a legendary time in the Harley Davidson Truck Limo.

The best limo service starts with a friendly driver arriving on time to your pickup point anywhere within 30 miles of Indy. Next, you’ll admire the custom, one-of-a-kind, Harley Davidson branding — inside and out. Did we mention we also offer the newest, cleanest limos in Indianapolis? Not only will your friends be impressed, everyone else who sees you will be impressed, too.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Harley Davidson Truck Limo is shockingly comfortable for up to 10 people. Sink into the black leather cushions and check out the orange Harley Davidson details in every corner of the truck. Add a stereo and not one, but two bar areas, and your family and friends won’t want to leave.

Why You’ll Love the Harley Davidson Truck Limo Service.

  • Generous Room for 10. The Harley Davidson Truck Limo is comfortable in a way only a truck limo can be. Ride high, recline and relax into the ample, full-length bench seats.
  • Bold Exterior. We feature the newest and cleanest limo service in Indianapolis. Built from a Ford F-150, the exterior black finish is polished until it shines.
  • Deluxe Seating. After you step up into the limo, you’ll sink into the black leather seats. Sprawl across the bench seats, kick your legs out and lean back – maybe even with a drink in hand.
  • Surround Sound Stereo. Every great truck has a great surround sound system, and the Harley Davidson Truck Limo is no exception. Crank up the Alpine Stereo and rock loud and hard — or take it easy — it’s your night.
  • Harley Davidson Details. Why go mundane when you can go Xtreme? From floor to ceiling, you’ll see Harley Davidson details everywhere. Check out the studded metal paneling, the orange leather insets and the Harley Davidson branded glassware.
  • Bar & Ice Cooler. Everyone gets thirsty, and no one likes a lukewarm drink. Our coolers come stocked with piles of ice so you can bring and chill whatever want. Your throat will never go dry — and your beverages will always be close at hand.

How much does limo service cost?

At Xtreme Limo, we offer great prices. For an amazing limo, driven by a friendly chauffeur and outstanding customer service, our value can’t be beat.

The Harley Davidson Truck Limo service is $110 per hour, with a 3-hour minimum.

Not included in the hourly price is a 20% gratuity for the driver and sales tax. On Saturdays in April and May, there is a 6-hour minimum due to proms.